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How to get from the airport to Oaxaca?

Actualizado: 16 dic 2021

If you are coming from the airport, it is best to take a taxi, the name of the taxi company is Transporte Terrestre, and it can be found directly outside of the baggage claim area within the Oaxaca airport.

Oaxaca Airport Taxis
Transporte terrestre | Oaxaca Airport Taxis

How much does it cost a taxi from the airport to the center of Oaxaca?

There are two different prices. Zona 1, which covers mainly the center of Oaxaca, and zona 2, which covers the neighborhoods outside the city center. You can either take a private service, which costs 370 and 500 pesos respectively, or a Colectivo, which costs is 95 or 150 pesos per person. It is a good idea to have some pesos on hand to purchase a ticket. Visa or Master Card credit cards are also accepted.

Taxis from the center of Oaxaca to the airport are between 180 and 200 pesos. We recommend scheduling your taxi with one of the sitios available in the city.

When you stay at La Betulia Bed and Breakfast just let us know the time of your departure and we will schedule the service for you.

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