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Event Planning 

At our Beautiful B&B we can host small events when the whole property is reserved. Our unique space combines modern design with open spaces and natural light  is an inspired alternative for your next intimate gathering. 

 Inquiry for our special services and custom-made offerings that can include event planning to create a genuine special experience for your event. 

Maximum 24 attendees


Oaxaca is a unique colonial city in Mexico. Located 290 miles south of Mexico City, that enjoys a mild climate through out the year that makes it an ideal place to host a destination wedding.


Oaxaca City is recognized for its colonial-style architecture and for its many alive traditions. In the recents years it has become a cultural hub as it holds home to more than 16 ethnic gruops and its rich culirary escene have brought Oaxaca to the top food destinations with Mexico. 


Along with this great reasons, the services industry dedicated to plan events in Oaxaca is top notch as it has become a popular wedding destination. From wedding planners, professional caters and decorators to great venues like Santo Domindo Church, make Oaxaca a unique and excellent location for your destination wedding in the aunthentic Mexico.

Your friends and family can enjoy the surrondings of this lovely city and make a wonderful trip out of your special day. 

We recommend two of our favorite venues to celebrate your wedding        

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